Thursday, 17th July – Amsterdam

With still so much more to do in Amsterdam, it was another early morning to try and beat the crowds. The first thing on our list was the Van Gogh Museum which is situated in the Museumplein.IMG_8855It was amazing to see the works of art of Van Gogh through his life time. They also set out other paintings by friends, contemporaries and influences that really showed how Vincent’s style progressed. It was also interesting to see good impressionist paintings hung so that you can appreciate them as intended from about 4 metres away. Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take photos inside the exhibition.

After the museum, we wandered again through the streets of Amsterdam, this time outside of the core city circle and discovered many beautiful photo opportunities.IMG_8860 IMG_8872 IMG_8873 IMG_8994IMG_8893 IMG_8898 IMG_8856IMG_8916 IMG_8932 IMG_8938 IMG_8955  IMG_8965After all the walking, we settled down to a nice cup of tea before heading to the supermarket for supplies on our way back to the hotel.               IMG_8881

Tomorrow we leave the Netherlands and head back into Germany, it’s a long day of driving,  so an early night and early start tomorrow morning.


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2 Responses to Thursday, 17th July – Amsterdam

  1. Shiralee says:

    So glad you went to the Van Gogh museum. I went there and it was amazing. You see his pictures all the time in books but it’s different looking at the actual one that he painted. Really enjoying reading your blog. Brings back lots of memories and jealous of places I didn’t go.

    • Keith & Bec says:

      Yeah, it was awesome! Glad you’re enjoying the blog, and I’m glad you’re jealous. I was jealous of you when you went travelling! 🙂 – Keith

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