Monday, 4th August

After our day in Stockholm, we had an early rise for the drive to Lund.

There was no particular reason for Lund itself, but it seemed like a good spot to stop on the way south. Little did we know it would take us by surprise.

The drive there was pretty much the same most of the way. There were a couple of highlights and both revolved around the lake we found. The first was Bec randomly yelling that she just saw penguins! The second was the rest stop we made to see the perfectly clear waters of the lake close up.


When we finally reached Lund, we were blown away. It is the cutest little town with the most beautiful buildings. We parked the car, checked in and went for a walk around the town…

IMG_2627 IMG_2601 IMG_2622IMG_2619   IMG_2638 IMG_2640IMG_2592

We settled down to a fantastic dinner and then had an early night in. Tomorrow is going to be a big day, crossing through three countries in one day!


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2 Responses to Monday, 4th August

  1. Jo Bradley says:

    Sorry that I am a bit late in writing, anyway you two, what an amazing time you are having and all the beautiful buildings. It never ceases to be amazed at the number of buildings that are so old and really huge,the countryside of all the places you have been to is just wonderful, keep up the good shots and will talk soon, take care guys, lot’s of love mum & dad

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