Tuesday, 5th August

Firstly, apologies for the quality of the photos for this post. The camera has been mucking up again, but I have managed to salvage some of the photos for the blog. With the problem identified, I hope it won’t happen again in future because it’s heart breaking to upload the photos only to find that they are over exposed.

A huge day of travel today – three countries! We left Lund in Sweden and headed towards the Danish town of Roskilde. When we got there we had a coffee stop and looked around the town – it was really pretty!

IMG_2666 IMG_2668 IMG_2682 IMG_2690 IMG_2700

The reason we went to Roskilde was for the Viking Museum. It’s world renown and has a number of original viking long ships that were excavated on the site of the museum. They have also built a replica of a viking long ship exactly as the vikings would have, then they sailed it from Denmark to Ireland! At the museum you can actually join a group of other people and learn how to row and sail a viking boat.

IMG_2707 IMG_2716 IMG_2734IMG_2746 IMG_2729   IMG_2751 IMG_2761 IMG_2774

There are a couple of MASSIVE bridges in Denmark since there are some big islands that need to be linked. The do cost a lot of money in tolls, but are much better than waiting for ferries! Bec grabbed a couple of pics on her iPhone as we drove over one.

image (2) image (3)

Following the “ancestral trail”, we went to a little village in Germany called Kronshagen. This village was where my mother had one of her first jobs ever – looking after some children for a family. She remembered the house specifically and the address, so we went searching for it. We found some cute little houses and a forest that Mum may have walked through back then. The little house was still there! It had a loft area in the room with a little window and was very cute. Behind the house was a business that had the name of the family that she worked for back then! It would have been great to speak to them, but our because we can’t speak any German it would be hard to explain if they didn’t speak English!

IMG_2811 IMG_2816 IMG_2819 IMG_2824 IMG_2828IMG_2825 IMG_2827

We finished the trip in a town called Lubeck. It’s been a long drive, but a great day. Tomorrow morning will see some sight seeing and another fantastic day in Europe!


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One Response to Tuesday, 5th August

  1. spencer77 says:

    Wow, there it was, the house from so long ago…………..so great to see it again, thanks so much for the photos and yes that’s the forest. Well done guys!!!

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